Holiday Tips

Getting read to go away for the holidays? here is a list of things that you should keep in mind.

Security measures:
It is a condition of cover that all security systems, including its back-up batteries, are in (1)full working order and (2) always be set when you or your family are not at home or if your vehicle is left unattended.
Test all security measures / systems for full working order. Some tracking systems are not self-testing but require that you contact the service provider to test the system. In terms of insurance contracts, you must have the system tested at least every six (6) months failing your Insurer will not entertain your claim.

Theft from an unattended vehicle:
The cover following theft from an unattended vehicle is very limited. We urge you not to leave valuable items in the vehicle, whether in sight to passers-by or not.

Locked safe:
Please ensure that all watches, jewelry, other valuable item be locked away in a safe that is bolted to a concrete floor or interior wall of the residence where you reside when these items are not in use, i.e. the ring is not on your finger.

Cell phones and portable electronic equipment:
For insurance cover, these items must be specified in the policy schedule. However, we must have the correct details, i.e. serial, model and IMEI numbers of the item/s you wish to insure.

Smash and grab:
Please be aware of your surrounding whilst driving. Do not leave personal items visible in your car. Thieves are opportunists, fearless and violent.

Report to police
Report any event to the police as soon as reasonably possible after the event,but within 24 hours after you became aware of the event, if it involves malicious damage, damage to a vehicle, theft, death, injury or any other criminal act or suspected criminal act or loss of property, or as required bylaw, and obtain a case reference number.
Please take photos

In the event of a burglary or accident, please take photos where possible of the damage property, visible signs of entry, etc.

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